League of Women Voters of Umpqua Valley

Mission Statement

League of Women Voters® of the Umpqua Valley is a grassroots, nonpartisan political organization which encourages informed and active participation in government in order to build better communities statewide.

LWVUV’s purposes are to influence public policy through education and advocacy, and to provide support for League members and the League organization.

Attention Umpqua Valley League Members

The following message was emailed to all members regarding a membership vote on Sept. 27, 2016. We ask that you attend this very important meeting. And please read on…

Dear League Members,

We ask that you are sure to attend our September 27th meeting at 6PM at the Douglas County Library, 1409 Diamond Lake Blvd, Roseburg, as we need your approval to convert our organization from a 501c4 status to a 501c3 status. As we are now a c4, donations are not tax-deductible. If we convert to a c3, both donations and member dues would be tax exempt.

Also, the state League is encouraging us to sign on as a local League, as they are submitting paperwork to the IRS to convert 7 other local Leagues.

As a 501c3 there are limitations to “lobbying” according to the IRS, but our organization does not come close to the ceiling which is 20% of our expenses in a year or averaged over a four-year period. Usually, we do education or advocacy, which we can do with no limits. Advocacy is speaking up about issues. Lobbying has to do with advising people to vote in a specific way regarding specific ballot measures. Rarely, do we do that. And when we do, it usually doesn’t cost anything or not very much. If we convert, we will have to track how much we spend on lobbying each year and report to the IRS once a year. This is part of the treasurer’s job.

We will take four votes:

  1. One to suspend the rules to allow this membership meeting to proceed.
  2. One to approve the overall plan of converting from a 501c4 to a 501c3.
  3. One to approve the new bylaws. We added language from the national League regarding Article II Purposes and Policies, and 501c3 language that has been reviewed by a 501c3 attorney (by the state League), and a change to the dates we can hold annual meetings (Article VII, Section 2).
  4. And a final vote to accept the new Articles of Incorporation.

Here are the documents you should read:
Ltr to Members re 501c3 conversion
LWVUV Bylaws proposal
LWVUV-Bylaws-draft revision-8-11-16 with 501c3 language
Draft LWVUV Articles of Incorporation 8-11-16
• Articles of Incorporation from 1989

These docs are also being postal mailed to each member at their physical mailing address.

Any Questions? Please contact Robin Wisdom. rwisdom@jeffnet.org or 541-672-6982

League Supports Library Measure 10-145

On August 16, 2016 the League of Women Voters Umpqua Valley Board of Directors adopted by concurrence the following position. We gratefully acknowledge the LWV Corvallis for the wording. This allows our League to advocate for passage of local Measure 10-145, which would create a new Douglas County Library District and provide the funding needed to keep our libraries open.

At the September 27 membership meeting the we will discuss the library measure.

Here are a few links:

We believe a library system should exist for all. It represents access to education and should be open to all residents throughout our county. It is part of an attractive and livable community and encourages a better educated citizenry.

New Position:

Special Taxing Districts and Urban Renewal Districts

The League believes the formation of Special Taxing Districts and Urban Renewal Districts may be desirable in certain situations. The formation of any such district must be considered only after an informed, transparent planning process and thorough analysis of the implications to all government provided services.

League shall consider the following criteria to determine whether or not to support a proposal to form a Special Taxing District or an Urban Renewal District.

  1. The new district has clearly defined goals.
  2. The new district will provide more or new benefits not currently available.
  3. The new district will meet needs not currently being addressed.
  4. Other options to meet the needs have been explored.
  5. Establishment of a new district will lead to long-term stability.
  6. All statutory requirements have been addressed.
  7. Administrative costs will not unduly impact services.
  8. The new district will not create undue competition with other entities.
  9. The new district does not duplicate services otherwise available.
  10. The impact of the new district on the funding of other services has been evaluated.
  11. There has been adequate public process in establishing the new district.
  12. The cost to reach the goals has been properly analyzed.
  13. Revenue streams are identified (bonding, grants, private dollars, etc.)
  14. Affected parties have been engaged in discussions regarding the proposed district.

For Urban Renewal Districts an additional criterion will be considered:

  • Urban Renewal Districts must have a plan for termination from the outset.

There is no intent that a taxing or urban renewal district must meet every criterion in order to gain League support. Instead, the idea is that, for any new district, each criterion will be evaluated and the League position will be arrived at by balancing the pros and cons illuminated by the criteria.

Searching for Gardens for Next Year


We are actively seeking gardens to include in next year’s Garden Tour.

The date is not quite set yet, but you can expect another glorious tour of hidden gardens in the Roseburg area, delightful music and lovely unique art all provided by local artisans.

Our Garden Tour Team is focusing on the Wilbur and Sutherlin areas for Garden Tour 2017. Do you have a garden you would like to share? It is so much fun to participate! Let us know if you are thinking about this, or if you know of a garden that needs to be seen!

Thanks so much!

Your Garden Tour Team Chair, Nancy Farris, nfarris73@hotmail.com

Garden Tour Beauty

The 5th Annual Garden Tour sponsored by the LWV Umpqua Valley was a huge success. Many commented on the beauty of the gardens on display. Many thanks to the generous and gracious gardeners who allowed the community to “drop by” between 10AM and 5PM on Saturday, June 11, 2016. The gardens showed extreme care, creativity, and … Continue reading

It’s Almost Here!

The 5th Annual Spring Garden Tour in Douglas County, Oregon!

Buy Your Tickets Today! Only $12 each.Flower-logo

Tickets will be sold on the day of the event Saturday, June 11, at the Umpqua Edibles Project located at the Umpqua Valley Art Center, 1624 W. Harvard Ave, Roseburg, from 10AM to 5PM.

Other ticket locations:

Contact us for more info: 541 [643] [8113]
Also see our web page about the Garden Tour.  And watch for our ads in The News-Review coming out soon!

See You There!

Fuels, Fire, and The Future of Oregon’s Forests

Dr. Ken Carloni will share his research on 500 years of fire history in SW Oregon.

Fire Talk Poster
Dr. Carloni’s presentation will examine the agement practices from fire sticks to borate bombers, and discuss the consequences of those changes on current fire regimes. We will then discuss strategies for future ecosystem management that balance the production of forest products with the sustainability of forest habitats.shift in forest man

Thursday, May 26 at the Douglas County Public Library, 1409 NE Diamond Lake Blvd, Roseburg, OR at 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm.

Free and Open to the public.

Tickets are On Sale & Flyers posted

Buy Your Tickets Now! Tickets for League’s Fifth Annual Garden Tour on Sat., June 11, 2016 are on sale now.

Tickets to six lovely gardens cost $12 each and are available at these outlets:

Tickets are also available on the day of the Tour at the Umpqua Edibles Project garden site, on the grounds of the Umpqua Valley Arts Center, 1624 W. Harvard Ave, Roseburg. Look for the League of Women Voters table.

When you purchase your tickets, you will receive a brochure that will contain descriptions and directions to each garden. You may visit the gardens in any order you choosFlyer-249-15e. And be sure to read the entire Ticket-Brochure.

Look for our lovely flyers posted around town. They look like this –>

For more information, check out our Garden Tour web page.

You and Me Reading!

Check out our brand new webpage all about the importance of reading with your child – You and Me Reading.

The Umpqua Valley League of Women Voters announces ndc8LXeTea new program that improves the quality of reading time with your child. This project is an extension of the Children At Risk statewide study that was championed by the Umpqua Valley League of Women Voters.

Find out how important reading with your child is. Or perhaps you’d like to help a grand child. We offer a personalized introduction into this effective and fun process. Just contact us.

See our web page. Find out more here.

Garden Tour Committee Gears Up!


Get ready for a stellar Garden Tour again this year! Gardens are being weeded and nurtured for your pleasure and amazement right now!

Thanks to all of our hard working gardeners! And we have been able to keep the ticket price down again. For $12 per person you will receive a ticket to all garden locations, and a description and map of the location of each garden.

You will find refreshments along the way, too, and lovely gardens in which to enjoy them. Bakers are contributing their delicacies at The NonChalant Cafe located at one of the Gardens. Coffee, tea, and lemonade will be waiting for you also.

Come out and support the League of Women Voters of Umpqua Valley and see lovely hidden gardens in our own Douglas County.

Tickets go on sale on May 15. Contact us for more information, 541-643-8113.

League’s Voters’ Guides are Available Now!

Voters-Guide-Primary2016League of Women Voters of Oregon statewide Voters’ Guides are now available. There are a limited number of hard copies. A few Voters’ Guides will be located at the Douglas County Elections office as of Tuesday 4/26/16, and at the Douglas County Public Library as well. There are a few copies at While Away Book now store on Harvard Ave in Roseburg.

Hard copy Voters’ Guides will also be distributed to Umpqua Valley League members at their Annual Meeting on Thursday, April 28, Noon at Elmer’s Restaurant. Be sure to attend this important meeting. Non-members are also welcome. For more information, call [541] [672] [1914].

Voters’ Guides are also available online here –> http://lwvor.org/front-page/voteresources/voters-guides-and-info/

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